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Our mission is to inspire and empower women to not merely exist, but to live fully alive.

We are passionate about women realizing that they have been beautifully created and intentionally placed by God. Thriving in life is not only believing this powerful truth, but living our lives in light of it. As women, we don’t have to settle for a life of survival, but can live a life that is vibrant, alive and ultimately full. This life isn’t out of reach, but is offered to you freely through a connectivity with Jesus Christ. Everything we do is and will continue to be centered around this mission.

We’re a publication that is specifically for women.

Our articles and layout are designed to inspire you, to challenge and compel you. We desire to tell beautiful stories that glorify God and that connect with the lives of our readers. We not only aspire to produce rich and christ-centered content, but beautiful imagery that makes every word come alive. Our desire is to continue to learn our field, which will cultivate creativity, refinement and growth.

We’re more than a magazine.

We are a community. We want to enter your life on a daily basis through our social media platforms and will continue to find ways to foster connectedness amongst our readers.


 Meet the women behind it all.